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Icon Post 14

25 - Revolutionary Girl Utena
16 - The Legend of Zelda
11 - Sailor Moon
3 - Forum signature sets
Total = 55


Take My RevolutionCollapse )
Tags: affiliates, icons, legend of zelda, sailor moon, signatures, utena
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG I so totally yanked the #15 LoZ one! XDDDD I'm sorry, it's pure genius. Will credit! ^_^ You rock! (Oh! And I LOVE the Merupuri avatar and banner! =3 So cute!)
snagged a bunch of the utena ones, will credit when used. ;) GREAT work!
Wah Merupuri!!! I love it. I grabbed that and a couple random ones.
Took 1, 2, and 15 of Zelda - 15 makes me LOL.
I took 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, and 15 from The Legend of Zelda. 15 was my favorite, without a doubt. That's Zelda with Link in 2, right? I just want to make sure.
#15 from Twilight Princess for the win. *laughs*
gorgeous ♥ Coloring and crop are awesome.

Deleted comment

Took one Legend of Zelda icon.
ooooh my god your Utena icons are outstandingly funny!!!

also I lovvvve your Saturn and Pluto icons. More?


-- Zahdi
Snagged #2 and 4 from the Sailor Moon ones. Will credit when used.
Snagged 8 and 9 of SM!
Took a few. Will credit ^.^ Thanks!
I'm going to jack LoZ #1, because everyone needs an icon of someone making a "Wtf?" face.
Taking SM number 4 *-* Will credit!
You've a beautiful collection of icons; I've taken one and eight from Sailormoon, one, three, and twelve from Zelda, and I've snagged the Sailor Pluto and Afraid to Admit banner/sign-things. And I really wish I had gotten around to reading/watching Utena because the art -- and your icons -- are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.
I had to absolutely take #15 under Zelda.He was annoying in OoT and MM,but this time,he's just plain creepy!

The fact that he recognizes you even if you're in wolf form proves this guy is a stalker or something!
*pointspoints* :O Utena!?


So taking some. Just not sure which yet. :3

Please make more Utena icons~~ ^^
Ganking some <3 I love these!
Rofl @ Zelda #15. xD
Snagging the Pluto banner. May come back for more one day. :3 Will credit!
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