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Colored Manga Pages

Hello, remember me? No? That's no surprise, seeing that my last entry was in July. -.-() I'm not dead, I've just been busy and haven't made many icons lately. I might have another batch done by the end of this month, though.
Anyway, in a pathetic attempt to make up for the few months that have passed, here is a large post of manga pages I colored over the summer that I intended to post a looong time ago.

- 1 Full Sailor Moon Page
- 1 Full Please Save My Earth Page
- 1 Full Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Page
- 1 Full xxxHOLiC Page
- 2 X/1999 Panels
- 1 Full Yurara no Tsuki Page

You may use these to make your own graphics as long as you credit circuitously or slightlyoblique

Experiments in coloring:

Princess Kakyuu from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. This took me forever, and I'm really proud of it, even though I ran into major trouble coloring the hair. Most of the hair was black and gray when I started. 0.o()

Tamura and Haruhiko from Please Save My Earth. This one also took forever but it was a really fun experiment.

Cell shading:

Neuro and Yako from Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. I should really practice cell shading more often. >.<()

Yuuko, Watanuki, and "Duck-san" from xxxHOLiC. Uh, I put new words in the speech bubbles, in case you can't tell.

Sorata and Arashi from X/1999. It's so small I don't think it needs a preview.

Experiments in flat coloring:

Satsuki from X/1999.

Tsukiwa Yurara and Tendou Meiwa from Yurara no Tsuki.

Tags: colored manga
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The Sailor Kakyuu one is amazing! I love the hair- it turned out nice.
All your colouring looks fantastic, even the flat colouring. I'm so jealous! ;_;
These are lovely! The flat coloring is so pretty~~~ <3
Wow! Your colouring is so beautiful!
These are amazing. I can only do flat colouring, and not very well at that. *envy*
Yurara!!! You did such a wonderful job with it ^^
Your coloring is amazing! ♥
i like them tahnk you very much for share i take the clamp ones!!!
Ohh, pretty colouring. I love the Sorata/Arashi and the Satsuki one. ^^
you have an amazing sense of color - beautifully done on all of them!
OMGG~~Your coloring is so much love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm taking some of them,will credit~
nom'd ya @ icon_nomination :D

Deleted comment

Thank you! ♥